Editing Services

I edit speculative fiction, technical writing, and academic work. 

I love a good trigonometry table, and my Master’s project was a reference book about and statistical analysis of The Hobbit.  I’m a native speaker and writer of American English with experience in helping writers for whom English is a second language.  I’m strong in math and science, so please bring on your hard science novel!  I’m a trans advocate and close family member of a transwoman; I can keep a close eye on the medical, cultural, and personal nuances and errors in a book with trans content.

How does it work?

  • We arrange a start date with a clear deadline; just email me.
  • You upload your stuff to a Google document and share editing privileges with me.
  • You send your payment to my Paypal account.
  • I treat your work with respect and attention.
  • I comment directly on the Google document.
  • You can address my notes and improve your piece while I’m in the process or any time after, the document is always yours, and once I’m done you remove my sharing privileges.

What will it cost?

$.04 per word (US currency) on the original document.  You can turn me loose on a complete work or just a troublesome portion of one.

I look forward to working with you.  Email me today, we can get working tonight.


The rule: No nonconsensual sex material, fiction or non.  In a character’s past with brief mention is OK, but don’t push on that boundary.  I will simply return your work and money to you.