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Category Archives: Fantasy Reading

For older elementary grades; complex themes.


This very short dragon tale first appeared in the Almost An Inkling writing contest sponsored by Signum University, in which it won a literary honorable mention, October 2015.   It did not have a name for itself.  Its Creator did not have a name for it.  Names were vulnerability, after all, and it was to be […]

A Fair Trade

This tale took much time in the telling.  First the deer introduced me to the Forest, and then three completely different children had an adventure there before Sierra and her little siblings could tell me their story.  I hope that you look forward to many other tales in this woods… A Fair Trade [ is […]

The Cockerel of Good Report

Written for a lovely gal and her daughter to brighten the dark days and celebrate her crafting accomplishments!  This bit of nonsense is my first foray into the world of Oracular Hens and allegorical farm animals.  Lead on, Mr. Chaucer! The Cockerel of Good Report [ viagra history | viagra uit india | cialis daily […]

Fog’s Children

Riona and her father have a secret.  It’s up to her to travel the continent and find those few who can be trusted to share it and keep a dream alive.  She must use her wits to avoid suspicion, find her new friends, and teach them skills they’ll need to help the glowing ember of […]

Dream Leaves

Angharad must help Calum, the 14 year old heir to the Dukedom, prepare for his duties.  Just a few problems – the neighboring country is attacking, they must find a mythical highly poisonous plant, and Calum isn’t quite sane. Dream Leaves 1 Dream Leaves 2 [ over night delivery of cialis online | buying generic […]