Some days pass so gently,

Stretching Time out in such a way,
that several days share one sleep.

It’s very different from the frenzied packing-everything-in days.

I am grateful for yesterday – the day when we said farewell to my retiring doctor,
The day I spent knitting,
The day I spent teaching and grading papers,
The day I spent with loved ones.

Thank you, gentle day in October, for your gentle way with Time.

The Circle of Family

They dance before me — or hide behind veils —
Who is this circle?
What do they know of themselves?
What do they not know?

Who is in this Family and who is not? Who lives
within these walls, if body is nowhere near as important as spirit?

Who are they to me?
Perhaps that’s the question.

And whom do they need me to be to them?

October 9, 2020

So much comes down to keeping your eye on the ball.
Mamaidh throws it this way two times in a row and then we assume it’s going this way,
but then she calls, “Look!”
and it’s still in her hand,
and we run all the way back to her,
and then she throws it that way!

Also, woofing at the ball does not make it go.

New book!

Friends, I’m thrilled to announce a new book – a collaboration with my dear friends Marie Everett and Lauren Strauss – and the new Moonlight Meander series.

The book cover shows a Very Good Dog staring with alertness down the dirt road at a whitetail buck in the mist.  There are authors' names, but they are not as important as the Very Good Dog who watched the big buck with quiet awe and excitement.  After he bounded away into the green, deciduous woods, she told her Mommy all about it (the Mommy who snapped the photo).

Moonlight Meander presents not only poetry but rituals and spiritual practices for daily living and some amazing archetypal storytelling. Live your mythic life with us.

Moonlight Meander: Hunter’s Moon is designed specifically to match the dates and energies of October 16, 2020 to November 15, 2020, a lunation which includes the full blue moon on Samhain. The fact is that this day-book can be used during any cycle from dark of moon to dark of moon for wellness, spiritual exploration, and celebrating our connection with the forces of nature.

October 6, 2020

There’s a lot to be grateful for,
There’s a lot to realize.
There are things I’m a bit silly about – or stubborn.
If the new adventure feels like ramming my head against a brick wall, then perhaps it is not the right adventure to be on.

Patience taught me
(no, I’m being quite literal, the Reverend Doctor Patience Stoddard)
that it’s all right to say “Let’s try an experiement for six months and then re-assess”
and it is freakin’ all right to say, “This experiment taught us not to do that. Change of plan.”

The question is how much striving is the dream worth?
And can’t I look around at the previous fifty six years of striving, laziness, survival, dreaming,
and be ok and grateful?

October 5, 2020

We found one very darling lupine plant, small, striving,
rimed with frost.

It’s not your time, sweet thing,
now is time to rest.

But it didn’t listen to me.
It kept pushing its roots down, down, down.

I apologize.
You know best when to advocate for yourself.
I will just shut up and stand near and witness.