WriterSpace: Work alone in good company

WriterSpace is Time set aside for writers and artists to follow their dreams and support each other (and, seriously, if you just need to get your bills paid or your socks folded, you’re more than welcome). We drop-in-when-we-can and drop-out-when-we-must online for writing time and wrist stretches in kind, encouraging space. Come join us!

Spring Term Schedule January 9 through April 7ish: All times in US Eastern
MONDAY AFTERNOON 2-3:45pm at this Zoom link;
TUESDAY EVENING 6-7:45pm at this Zoom link;
WEDNESDAY EVENING 7-8:45pm at this very jaunty Zoom link;
THURSDAY MORNING 9-10:45am—new morning time! and here’s your Zoom link;
THURSDAY AFTERNOON 2-3:45pm, oh gosh, another Zoom link;

WriterSpace Denizens’ Page of Links
Fabulous slides from the ConLang for Writers Workshop!
WriterSpace is supported by the Mythgard Institute of Signum University
WriterSpace Kids Videos!
Little Storyteller Videos!
Our favorite background sounds so far…
•If you are looking for online writing workshops, please check out Signum SPACE.
•Joan Didion “On Keeping A Notebook”

•And this is our summer-theme background track!

Birdsong recorded at Lake Winnipesaukee, NH; audio produced by Christopher Bartlett

Some great articles about what we do:
by Susan B. Apel
by Sarah Earle