27th of March

A mystery clipped me on the brain stem today and walking was not a chore to be avoided,
I went, and quickly, and dogs bounded joyfully, and we walked further than I thought we would because there were brand new smells down at the bag-end, with new road-grading fill and rocks had been moved which turned up old leaves.

Old leaves for goodness sake.
It was wonderful.

March 22

The sun drew me out,
not gold this sunrise,
but lemon – sharp, sweet, bright, bright, bright.

We even ran a little bit
in the sweet, fresh, north-scented air.

Just beautiful.
Thank you, gods and guides and guardians, for this day.

My gratitude gift this morning is to return again to the lesson
in how to resist making myself smaller so that others can grow.
I’m not the only one who loses out if I don’t resist.
Remember that, greybird, remember that.

Hold my ground with grace and peace,
Take up my space with grace and peace,

…You are a child of the universe no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here…

By Max Ehrmann © 1927

March 14th

Morning coffee,
Clear sky.

Nearly clear sky,
salmon-tinged puffy clouds
low on the horizon.
Color gently saturates the greys of dawnlight,
a soft, soft green which will enrich as the earth spins a little more.

Birches hold on to their black-and-white,
Bare reminders that it is still winter,
and that a Twilight Land is never far.

March 13th

Good morning.

I am taking deep breaths of rainy air, ground squishing gently underfoot.
There’s a stillness to enjoy, no wind, no critter moving about, no cars up on the road
– on our unpaved, bag-end road with only four houses beyond ours –
just the soft plinking of drops on leaves.

I don’t know if you can take a saunter, my friend,
whether you have time for one,
whether it would take you into crowds to roll or walk outside your door,
or whether you are stuck indoors.

I’m going to take a walk for you,
and share the sights,
just in case you needed me to.