30th of July

The dogs and I are locked out

but this time I am not fighting it. I am sitting for a few minutes on the lawn

overlooking the meadow.

Wildflower and the sounds of birds and Grace’s fan

interrupt the endless lush green.

I wonder why I never made a copy of the house key to leave in my car – I know just where I’d put it for just such eventualities.

Fortunately, there are pen and paper and books – so I write

If I were the kids, I’d just reach up and use…


NO. They have taken it away with them.

I’m glad that they want the house key.

I am sad that there’s an “away.”

Children are not meant to be Peter Pans, but to go on the appointed journey (hat tip to JRRT).

But I don’t know what’s next for me

I can imagine, but I don’t yet know.

Let’s imagine.