Hermitage Time – Dark of the Moon

There will be some spirit writing tonight, yes indeed,
and the fun thing is there’s no telling who will take up the pen.

Dark of the moon, the deep, silent breath
The beginning without knowing of what

The Fool’s step,
the initiate’s step,
the white fox’s step, soft and sure, into a world which may or may not be ready.

Soft and sure, that’s it.
Gently now.
Nicely, Ensign.
That will do.

Back tall,
shoulders wide,
remind them of being queens themselves,
whatever they are in their secret hearts.

Part myself
and part the stories of others.
That’s as should be.
Neither diminishes its supplement.

Love does not divide,
it multiplies.

I can be wholly myself, now,
and still honor all the selves I once was
and shall be,
and if you will let me, I can be Storykeeper for you, as well,
by my own soft and certain step
reminding you of your own.