Attention economy?

I just heard that one for the first time.

Well, then.
An afternoon to prepare enough ingredients for six stews, stowed in the freezer.
A day for clothes to dry on the line.
A week to enjoy the farm share and the bread share. Perhaps this winter I’ll take on a baking day.

That takes a day. Mid morning to make the sponge, noontime to complete it, early afternoon punch it down, mid afternoon shape it, late afternoon bake it, just before five, take a third of it to The Diagonal Family and a third of it to The Angel Next Door. At suppertime, eat it. Yes. I will add a baking day to my attention economy and eschew probably five hundred advertisements in that time.

Market that, manipulative strangers.

And in between these acts of love? While the sponge rises? Knit a sweater, one loving row at a time. That will take a month or two or three.

I choose to spend my attention on these acts of love.