June 17th

An absolutely perfect day –
I can see the snow on Mount Washington and think of my Dad skiing in the summer.

Some anxious thoughts follow on the heels of an unsettling dream:
am I doing enough to protect the innocent?
how can I let a monster into that particular story?

I will re-assert control over my world by organizing the August calendar;
August is sufficiently far away that it will not take offense at my trying to organize it.

June 10

I found sunlight on water this morning.

Sgiob crossed the stream on a felled tree with such dainty feet – it was an absolute pleasure to watch: trit, trit, trit, trit with the tips of her ears bouncing.

May 29

Small Shiatsu Dog woke me with paddy paws on my back
and a message about the goodness of the day
and all the refreshment to be found in a nice bowl of kibble.

The yard smells of mown grass and that is all Grace –
and the kitchen now glows with a spring-green-leaf-seeming –

and that is all Grace.

Every day Grace is all around me, holding me in love
and wonder.