April 18, 2020

I snapped last night and raised my voice at the dog.
But then I raised my voice to my dear one who tried to help me yell at the dog – no, I get to yell at the dog, you do not get to rescue me or show me I’m doing it wrong or whatever you’re doing.

This is my yell, don’t you dare steal my spotlight.

It had been a perfect storm of things niggling, and my refined, advanced, self-enlightened strategy was to yell. Ah, well.

Begin again.

April 11, 2020

To get through this and survive is a good goal,
But to get through this with our family closer than ever is what the gods call us to do.

There’s a sign on the stairwell so that I see it every morning as I head out into the day:


I arranged it by number of letters, but I think that worked out pretty darned well, foundation-and-pinnacle-wise.

April 9th, 2020

Slow and steady.
Now is when we use the stubbornness – which has been railed against in the past –

Now is when we use the stubbornness to keep the Earth spinning:
to waken, rise, walk, dress to our shoes and earrings,

To walk, to write, to reach out,
To go to work

and give my very best to the people who depend on me.

March 36, 2020

Grace filled the coffee maker last night and put it on the timer,
a tiny act, and
my senses filled with her care and nurturance as I came downstairs.

Mist rose over the beaver bog as we walked
– not too far, I had put on the wrong shoes.
With coffee in hand, I bound my homework to my opening breaths:

“I let go of what does not serve my values now.
Be free, energies, to return to the Great Mother;
Be free to flow, transform, and do your many works elsewhere.”

Breathe in peace.
Breathe out love.