There’s a dragon in the meadow,

and I can tell it’s a dragon by the red-hot, yellow-hot glow under the ashes.

Still fierce enough to consume the boxes and branches with flame when I make an offering.

Thank you, Dragon, Guardian of the Sun, for keeping your charge alive through the night.
Thank you, Dragon, Guardian of the Sun, for resting here on your endless way.

2 thoughts on “There’s a dragon in the meadow,”

  1. Thank you for the beautiful Morning Meanders books. I just finished reading the Advent and Yule book and particularly loved the story \ dream about the Holly King embracing and healing his brother the Oak King. We need more stories like this.

    Your book helped me through a pretty rough week. You see, my son was in the critical care unit in the hospital with this terrible virus. He had been in the hospital for two weeks and was on the ventilator for a whole week. In my mind I held his hands, and prayed, and sent him healing energy spirals, …everything I could think of. Then I asked for a Christmas Miracle (that my son would come off the ventilator and be healed). My miracle was granted, thank god, and all his \ her aspects – especially the Holly King aspect. He is getting stronger by the day. Thank you again for your hopeful, lovely books. I can’t wait to start the Involved book.

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