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Category Archives: Nurtured Spirits

Spiritual resources for families who love the Earth.

Sacred Time Management

These worksheets were developed to accompany my Sacred Time Management workshop for adults.  Please take and use them freely!  To arrange to host the workshop for your group, please email me. Sacred Time Worksheets (2015 update) [ cheap inurl viagra viagra | canadian viagra | viagra wholesalers | usa generic viagra | viagra pills | guaranteed […]

Memorial Day Sunday

Please enjoy this service, given May 26th at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Upper Vally.  Feel free to print it out to take to folks when you go to visit. 2013.05.26 Memorial Day for Web [ best cialis price | pal pay pill viagra | cialis at real low prices | generic viagra online […]

Sudden Turn of Spring

Please enjoy this service, given March 17th, 2013 at the UU Congregation of the Upper Valley. 2013.03.17 Sudden Turn of Spring [ sildenafil citrate voltammetry | get viagra | cialis cost | mexican viagra | generic viagra free shipping | canadian generic viagra online | how quick does a cialis work | buy inurl viagra […]

Thresholds, Gateways, and Crossroads

Please enjoy this service, presented at the UU Congregation of the Upper Valley on October 28th, 2012. Thresholds, Gateways, and Crossroads [ soft viagra | viagra patent | vigor 2000 | cialis and levitra | viagra price germany | overnight delivery cialis | viagra blog | viagra london | cheap viagra online | best viagra […]

There and Back Again

This worship service was conducted on September 23d, 2012, at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Upper Valley. 2012.09.23 There and Back Again. [ generic supplier viagra | viagra by mail | buy viagra pill | viagra 50 mg tablets | cheap viagra online | cialis once daily | levitra vs cialis | viagra cheap canada […]


This worship service and homily took place September 9th, 2012, at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Upper Valley. Ingathering [ cialis professional 20 mg | generic viagra | cialis prices | buy viagra in england | how can i get some cialis | pfizer mexico viagra | viagra in india | viagra next day […]

Hiking Simliar Trails

This sermon about James Fowler’s theory of spiritual development was delivered to the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Upper Valley, Norwich, Vermont on October 12, 2003. Hiking Similar Trails [ how strong is 5 mg of cialis | cheapest prices on viagra | cialis vs levitra | buy discount viagra | cialis price in canada […]

The Next Great Adventure

This worship occurred on October 30th, 2011 at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Upper Valley in Norwich, Vermont. the-next-great-adventure [ discount phentermine viagra | viagra money order | cheap viagra 50mg | purchase cialis | viagra en gel | mapuche viagra | viagra pfizer 50 mg | viagra for recreation | buy viagra in […]

Celebrate Imbolc

The sacred moment between Yule and Ostara invites us to journey inward to nurture the selves we are becoming.  Courage and grace to you. Seeds Under the Snow – poetry and meditation for older readers. [ make your own viagra | best cialis price | buy discount viagra online | viagra facts | viagra facts […]

Celebrate Mabon

Autumnal Equinox blesses our families with bounty, beauty, and stability.  May you find balance and abundance this harvest season. Finding Balance – What’s up in Matt’s life?  There are too many things to do; can his spelling list help? [ buy viagra in great britain | pfizer viagra 50 mg | viagra | viagra canada | […]

Spirit Play Support

I have created a few stories and a few support documents for you religious educators and home educators who are using the Spirit Play storytelling method.  Please use freely!  Also, many of the stories on the Beginning Reading pages can be adapted as Spirit Plays! Spirit Play Story: Origin of the Moon    Accompanying Story Pattern! […]

Thoughtful Tales

These quiet stories invite reflection and meditation, and make good Spirit Plays. The Truth of the Tree People  The story of a beautiful friendship between a child and a tree. [ viagra expiration date | viagra online deals | viagra instructions | pfizer soft viagra | next day viagra delivery | united healthcare viagra | buy […]

Celebrate Samhainn

The days grow shorter, the harvest comes in, we settle our debts, and we forgive one another.  When the veil parts between this world and the After World, may your tears be of joy and sorrow, loneliness, and acknowledgement that those we love will always love us. The Wild Ride Written from the perspective of a […]