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Helpful homeschool resources.

Temporary: RVCC

Children’s Literature Class, welcome! Course Syllabus Course Outline Click this to enter a new story in our Annotated Bibliography. Click this to see everything already in our Annotated Bibliography. Fiske Free Public Library Academic Year library card for non-Claremont residents Bibliographies of Award-Winning Books at RVCC’s Puksta Library Hershal P. Culpepper: Elf Ambassador Without Portfolio […]

Early Modern English & The Athrabeth: References, Raw Data, and Video

Thanks for spending some quality time with my spreadsheet! Athrabeth References & Data Please enjoy the paper from the Mythmoot II Procedings and  the video which was the proof-of-concept. Mythgard Rugby – still undefeated! [ viagra dosage | viagra online consultation | how much does cialis cost | discount canadian cialis | woman and cialis | […]

Introduction to Latin

Noun Cases: What is one?  First declension nouns, singular in the nominative and genitive. Latin I: Intro to Noun Cases [ generic cialis | poker viagra | viagra on line canadian pharmacy | can young men take viagra | viagra price list | soft cialis | cheap viagra uk | canadian healthcare cialis | gnc […]

Tales from The Sapling

Birch Island Books is delighted to present stories from The Sapling – a young writer who likes to make science fun for other kids! One Hundred Nineteen Little Pigs – A new twist on an old tail… with thanks to the Periodic Table of the Elements. [ statistics on viagra | viagra use | levitra […]

Prime Numbers

What’s the deal with prime numbers?  Grab your crayons and discover some great patterns while searching for primes!   Prime Number Grid Every number can be written as a multiplication sentence – which can be very useful when the numbers get too big or too many.  Here’s practice re-writing each number from 2 to 100 as […]

Math Grid

Here’s a quick template for math facts and some strategies for addition, multiplication and fractions.    Math Grid [ cialis cost | buy generic viagra from india | purchase viagra | viagra sale online | online cheap viagra | viagra dose | keyword order viagra | get cialis | 50mg generic viagra | viagra canadian […]