Quidditch Scarf for Hufflepuff

This double-thickness scarf is knit in the round using the Magic Loop method. One surface shows a Hufflepuff team pride pattern, and the other is a blank canvas for letters naming your position, house, or name in duplicate stitch, illusion, embroidery or intarsia as you prefer.  Any smooth yarn will do.  You might use a pom-pon or a button for his dear little snout – and if you’re making this for a small child, may I suggest a bobble, so it doesn’t come off?  The sample shown here uses safety eyes; you can also just leave the stitch pattern of the eyes showing.

Hufflepuff Quidditch Scarf

Dragon Colorwork Chart

This little chart is intended as a supplement to the brilliant Hogwarts Double Knitted Bookscarves by the lovely and brilliant Ann Kingstone.  Her charts are available on Ravelry.com, a free site for fiber crafters.  I used this chart to make the double-knitted bookscarf you see here.  It can also be a repeated stranded motif on a hat or socks or sweater yoke, or used singly as intarsia-work, perhaps on the back of a mitten!

Dragon Color Chart

Fog’s Children

Riona and her father have a secret.  It’s up to her to travel the continent and find those few who can be trusted to share it and keep a dream alive.  She must use her wits to avoid suspicion, find her new friends, and teach them skills they’ll need to help the glowing ember of freedom live through her country’s dark night.

Fog’s Children: Chapters 1-5 of 10

Fog’s Children: Chapters 6-10 of 10

Spirit Play Support

I have created a few stories and a few support documents for you religious educators and home educators who are using the Spirit Play storytelling method.  Please use freely!  Also, many of the stories on the Beginning Reading pages can be adapted as Spirit Plays!

Spirit Play Story: Origin of the Moon    Accompanying Story Pattern!

Spirit Play Administrative Files: Spirit Play on a Shoestring.  My friends, this PDF of a Keynote presentation is having the darnedest time getting uploaded.  I will happily email you the 9.4 MB PDF file.

Earth Chart for Brent Annable’s Sphere

Western Hemisphere

This is a modest addition to the geometrifantastic “Stockinette Short-Row Sphere” by Brent Annable, found for free on his web site.  I’ve simply made an intarsia chart to help you turn one of his spheres into a model of Planet Earth.  I mean, every kid needs a stuffy planet, right?  Begin at the International Date Line and work westward (as the sun does).  You’ll find good success with slightly sticky yarns; smooth yarn such as bamboo would be very tricky.  100 yards each of green and blue will be more than sufficient; duplicate stitching Antarctica in white is a nice touch.

Earth Chart for Brent Annable’s Sphere

Cabley Cozy Slippers

Double soles, pretty cables, plus felted bulky wool equal toasty toes!  These use about 100 meters of yarn for each slipper, and I prefer Reynolds Lopi.  One skein will make one woman’s medium slipper.  Cast on an additional 10 stitches and get an extra skein of wool for a much larger foot.  Contrasting dark colors for the soles are recommended.

Cabley Cozy Slippers