9th of August

Sometimes the grass grows up through the trash

and holds on to it.

That is so not a metaphor for Nature taking back the things and making them beautiful, it is a metaphor for letting trash clutter up the parts of my life that should be beautiful and loved but I put trash there.

It is not even a metaphor, it is literal… except when it’s a metaphor.

For serious, if you want to know how the inside of my head is doing, check on the care I am or am not giving to my environment.

This week, I’m throwing a lot of things away.

I am ripping up a certain amount of meadow grass to get those old things up out of where they do not belong.

It’s meadow grass – it will be fine.

It is tough as freaking nails and what dies will mulch what doesn’t and that patch of meadow will grow back without having to work on a foundation of trash.