July 17th, 2020

It’s not cold, but it’s damp and cool enough for a shawl,
a multi-colored shawl which was a beautiful, thoughtful gift,
long and wide and silky enough to use for a headscarf when that’s what’s needed.

Thunderstorms have been brewing, but they have not really covered us in glorious power yet this week, I would like that, some glorious thunderstorm power.

July 3d

I didn’t want to turn on the light this morning.
The shade of cool grey out there is absolutely perfect,
some amalgam of cloud and fog
and a drizzle threatened, but not until later,
and the light is filtered into a gentle, cozy sort of daylight
that is not bold, but rather, kind.

June 17th

An absolutely perfect day –
I can see the snow on Mount Washington and think of my Dad skiing in the summer.

Some anxious thoughts follow on the heels of an unsettling dream:
am I doing enough to protect the innocent?
how can I let a monster into that particular story?

I will re-assert control over my world by organizing the August calendar;
August is sufficiently far away that it will not take offense at my trying to organize it.